Abandoned Military Bunker on the Rocks

by PaniQRoom

Your mission as a member of an investigating team: A BUNKER! Get into a military bunker on the Rocks, where you need to find confidential documents for the government. The red file, the target of your mission, contains irreplaceable confidential data. It turns out however, that the place is a trap. The door locks as soon as you enter and there is no way out. It takes several hours for the rescue team to get there, but you cannot wait that long, as you find a bomb and time is ticking fast! You have only 60 minutes left!

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Abandoned Military Bunker on the Rocks


Abandoned Military Bunker on the Rocks has a time limit of 60 minutes. We successfully completed it with three people, a number of hints, and barely any time to spare.

Once the hosts found out that we'd completed quite a few escape rooms previously, they gave us the standard spiel on what not to touch, told us to keep an ear out for the telephone in the room, and set us loose. It's one of the larger rooms we've started in, as it's meant to provide enough distraction for up to 8 people! Of course, the first thing we did was search the room thoroughly (but not, as usual, thoroughly enough). We ended up with enough clues to confuse the hell out of us and no idea what puzzles we should be using them to solve.

That's one of the things we really appreciated about about this room. There are red herrings galore (lexi says: I spent a lot of time on one particular clue that had nothing to do with any of the puzzles!) and part of the fun is working out what clue matches with what puzzle, and then how they piece together. Admittedly it's not exactly layered in the same way as The Blocks or Escape From the Surprise Party, because there weren't additional puzzles to solve in order to get the link - you simply had to find the connection yourself.

That said, there was still enough of a connection that we had quite a few "ah-hah!" moments. There were a wide variety of puzzles beyond the standard "find the combination" type, and they all played into the narrative of being in a bunker and needing to defuse a bomb. There was also one part that ended in a jump-scream (pyko says: That gave lexi a jump-scream so that she scared everyone else into doing the same) and a heart-pounding scramble at the end.

This is one of our favourite rooms in Sydney. Don't miss it!

Hint system

Excellent. We were constantly monitored, and there was a phone in the room (old fashioned, and in spirit of the theme) that our host uses to communicate with us. They gave us hints if we were falling too far behind or were on the wrong track, and managed to strike a good balance between giving us time to solve it and stopping us from wasting a large amount of time running down the wrong path. It was clear they had a good feel for the puzzling process!


Medium to high. Between working out which clues are red herrings, and which clues link to which puzzles (not to mention actually solving the puzzles!) we'd recommend it for more experienced escapees.


None required

What we liked

Finally working out what to do with one particular key we found. It was smart, and rather a surprise!

A little extra I totally wasn't expecting. I also quite liked the theme (the bomb thing) and additional, subtle clues that became evident after we solved the puzzle.

Finally defusing the bomb. It was classic and satisfying.
-lexi's sister

Visited on 26 Jun 2015 by lexi, pyko and lexi's sister

At a glance

A room chock-full of creative puzzles and red herrings that fit the military bunker theme perfectly and kept us scrambling till the end.




  • Inventives puzzles that go beyond finding lock combinations
  • Puzzles that make sense in context of the room's narrative
  • Many "ah-hah!" moments
  • A ton of puzzles to solve


  • We're hard-pressed to find any!

You will like this if...

  • You enjoy military thrillers
  • You don't mind being led down the garden path
  • You like the puzzley goodness of working out what to do with a pile of clues

You might not like this if...

  • You prefer clear-cut puzzling with no ambiguities
  • You prefer a linear set of puzzles

Recommended number

Five to six people. There's many puzzles to solve and red herrings to distract, but any more and it will probably be too many soldiers.

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